Multi Bitrate streaming with red5

It is possible to stream a live event with red5 to different groups of people who have different internet connections with different speeds, for example for a person on dial up to stream to this person a high quality is useless because he will only see buffering, and little of the real video. Using multi bitrate it is possible to stream for dial ups, or high quality.

this is done on the fmle encoder, select more then 1 stream choose the bitrate you want to use and then on the stream name separate the stream names with a semicolon, for example:


then create 3 different players, if on strobe on the video source use:

RTMP + Stream name




this way you will have 3 players for 3 different group of viewers. More can be read at red5 server.

Hosting Marketers Offers Free Wowza Demo Account for 3 Days

Despite its recent release the Wowza Media Server has become a preferred live broadcast solution. Wowza’s heavy duty load management, certified stability, higher video quality and multi-platform support on iPhone, iPad, Android, Flash, VLC and many more have been the major reasons for its recent and increasing demand. Hosting Marketers Inc is currently offering multiple Wowza hosting plans depending on number of connections, storage, traffic and max bit rate requirements. The company’s free demo account which is limited to 3 connections and 200 MB of traffic for 3 days is a great way to test this latest video hosting solution.

The alternate to Wowza, Red 5 hosting is the most popular and highly demanded service of the company. The Red5 hosting hybrid plans represent the true capability of Hosting Marketers Inc. Each hybrid plan comes with a dedicated port to fulfill all requirements and an option to add Wowza, making the plans truly comprehensive. The company further informed that they offer heft discounts for yearly orders of hybrid plans. Exact technical specifications of the hybrid and other plans can be viewed on the company’s website.

The company’s most affordable plan is the traditional FFmpeg hosting, which is highly competitively priced at merely $4.95 per month. Despite its low price, the FFmpeg hosting plan still comes with all features, full customer support, free setup and many other services which are available in other higher priced plans. The company informed that their objective is to satisfy all their customers regardless of the size of the orders. Their 24/7 customer support and free installation has been praised by their existing and previous customers. Hosting Marketers Inc’s extensive experience, use of latest technological equipments & hosting solutions and exceptional customer support has made the company a premier streaming video hosting solutions provider.

About Hosting Marketers, Inc
Hosting Marketers, Inc is one of the leading companies that provides web hosting, domain name registration and design & development services. The company is also a premier video hosting service provider, such as Wowza and Red 5 hosting solutions. Through their online platform,, specific details of the various services and plans offered by the company can be viewed. Established in 1999, Hosting Marketers, Inc is known for its quality hosting solutions which have a 99.9% uptime.

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